Dealing with an Active Shooter

by | May 23, 2016 | Security and Investigations

How to deal with an Active Shooter.

If you look at the news today, you will see the horrible reality of the shootings that happen in this world. This reality is something that you need to be prepared for; even in areas like Milwaukee, WI. You will not know if or when this horrible event will happen at your property or place of business. You need to be prepared to protect yourself and/or your patrons and employees. One of the best ways to handle this atrocious event is with armed private security, and here is why.

What is an Active Shooter?

The first step is to understand what an active shooter is. The Department of Homeland Security defines an active shooter, “as an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms(s) and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.” (Page 3, DHS) In layman terms, an active shooter is someone shooting multiple individuals to kill or harm. This is a serious threat to you and others, and as such you need to have a response plan in place.

Have a Strong Response Ready:

With active shooter’s being a serious threat all across the country and world, you need to be ready. At Reyes World Security and Investigations, our Armed Security Officers have the training and ability to give you that response. Our Officers will do everything possible to protect you, your patrons, and if necessary stop the shooter with force.

Our officers will train you and your staff how to respond to an active shooter. They will teach you in the recommended plan from the DHS; which is to Run, Hide, and Fight. The concept is just as simple as the name. Place as much distance between you and the shooter as possible (Run). If you can’t run away then find a safe place where you can’t be found (Hide). If all else fails then defend yourself with whatever you have available (Fight).

You also need to call 911 as soon as it is safe for you to do so. The problem with a police response is that they can’t respond immediately. According to the DHS police may take longer to respond to the scene than the shooter will take to accomplish their plan to harm everyone they see. If you have armed security on site, you have a force of trained professionals ready and able to stop the threat immediately.

Having armed security on site from our company you have another level of defense against active shooters. With our officers on site, you will have trained professionals who will not only help evacuate you, your staff, and your patrons; but also stop the threat through whatever means necessary. Having professional security armed with firearms is the fastest response to saving lives when dealing with an active shooter.

The Aftermath:

Best case scenario, your onsite security has stopped the threat preventing any further harm. The sad reality is some people may be hurt before your security officer can respond. So, now you need to handle the aftermath, and that sadly means helping those hurt by the active shooter. Our officers are trained in first aid to give immediate aid to the injured. They will be able to help stop bleeding, provide CPR/AED assistance, and handle those in shock from the incident. This ability that our officers provide could mean the difference between life and death.


Active Shooters are a serious and dangerous threat in today’s society. Having Armed Security Officers from RWSI is one of the best options you can have to handle the situations. We are available to help properties across all of Wisconsin. Our services are competitive and our officers are some of the best in the business. So, be prepared. You never know when an active shooter may strike; but with armed security at the ready is the best response available.

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