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by | Jun 7, 2016 | Security and Investigations

Executive Protection Specialists Services serving Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Racine, and Green Bay, as well as all of Wisconsin.

When you think of bodyguards, what pops into your mind? The President of the United States? Or maybe people like Donald Trump and other large company CEOs? In reality, anyone who feels that they need to have a personal security presence to protect them or their family will and do use the professional services of executive protection specialists. Even people in the greater Milwaukee, WI area need these services.

What is Executive Protection?

Well, the name is self-explanatory. These professionally trained executive protection specialists focus on protecting individuals who need a constant armed protective presence to escort and protect them from any possible dangers. These executive protection specialists have even more extensive training than your standard armed security officers. They are trained in tactical evasive driving, armed threat protection, site security, forward site planning, crowd control, and more. So no matter what happens, our executive protection specialists are ready to handle any threat and keep you safe.

Private Family:

Often, people of standing within a community and celebrities need the help of executive protection specialists to protect themselves and their families. In this type of work, the executive protection specialists will be by your side, anywhere you go and whenever you need them. These professionals can do anything from keeping your place of residence secure, to escorting you and your family on your vacations. Commonly we see our executive protection specialists being used for personal protection of children and other vulnerable family members. The executive protection specialists will escort you and your family to and from any location; whether that’s your children’s school, your place of business, or social gatherings. The entire time these specialists will be close by to handle any situation that puts you and your family in danger.

Corporate Executives:

Another popular client is corporate executives. Often businesses who have access to heavily classified or confidential information will use executive protection specialists to protect the people who have access to this information. Our specialists will give you transportation in our specialty vehicles, that will meet your needs for safety and comfort, to move around wherever you need to go. Generally, our presence alone will stop anything from happening, but in the rare instance that something may occur; you can rely on our specialists to get you safely away from danger.

Government and International Dignitaries:

As I said before many people think of bodyguards as being connected to people like the President of the United States. More commonly you see other government and international dignitaries needing a Detail of executive Protection Specialists. These dignitaries often have knowledge of classified government information and are prime targets for those who are enemies of their respective countries. As such, they need to be protected at all times. Our executive protection specialists will do just that and have done so many times already. The specialists will also work with you to set up your itinerary and safe routes for transportation.

Personal Protection at the Highest Level:

Whether you are a private citizen, a company executive, or a government dignitary you can count on our executive protection specialists to handle any threat and give you the highest level of personal protection. Reyes World Security and Investigations has what you are looking for. We are capable and ready to answer the call at any hour of any day. We will be your shield, and you will have nothing to fear while you are under our protection.

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