Professional Security Patrol Officer

by | May 10, 2016 | Security and Investigations

Our Professional Security Patrol Officer

At Reyes World Security and Investigations, we offer multiple services to our clients all across Wisconsin; including businesses in Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, Wauwatosa, and more. One of our most popular services is the Security Patrol Officer. Our officers have professional training and a superior attitude that will make them a great fit for your business! To prove this, let me explain what our Security Patrol Officers bring to the table.


Our officers will be provided with exceptional training that will give them the ability to handle any security related situation that occurs on your property. This training is universal across all of our officers; whether they are armed or unarmed. Training includes firearm training, defensive arrest tactics, control/de-escalation talk, tactical driving, report writing, and first aid training with CPR and AED included. Each training is done by licensed professionals and our specially trained supervisors to provide the best quality training possible.

This excellent training gives our officers abilities not seen in most patrol security companies. Our firearm training for instance gives us the ability to handle situations where we can provide an extreme level of protection against armed assailants who come to harm the patrons and employees on your respective properties. These officers have the ability to use the firearm effectively and safely. More importantly, these officers have the discipline to do everything possible to protect all life, including the life of the criminal.

On top of the training that we provide to our officers, many of them come from backgrounds where they received even more specialized training to add to their abilities. We look for former or current military, police, or security officers with years of experience to provide the best trained officers possible to our clients.


On top of the professional training we also have officers with high quality equipment and a crisp professional uniform to provide superior ability and appearance for your business. Our officers can come in two separate uniform styles; tactical and business. By providing these two different uniforms, we can better fit the style of security that our clients require.

Our tactical uniforms provide our officers with a high visibility appearance so that we stand out to your patrons and employees. This allows our officers to be a visible deterrent to crime and disruptive behavior. It also gives our officers the ability to provide a more tactical approach to situations that occur on your property. The uniform alone will make the subject see our officers as a high level of authority. This often results in the subject rethinking their behavior and cooperate with the officers they are interacting with. A combination of marked security polos, tactical pants, and duty belts will give the officer a near law enforcement style appearance that will bring a feeling of authority and safety to all who see them. The duty belt allows the officers to carry more protective equipment such as non-lethal weapons, firearms, and handcuffs to deal with situations.

The business approach is a more delicate approach. These officers will wear a crisp business suit to blend into the professional environments that they work in. These officers specialize in working in professional locations where you want to have security that is not so obvious. This can make your patrons think that they have nothing to worry about while they are on your property. Places like office spaces, theaters, and clinics often appreciate this approach because it brings a feeling of high-class to their property when your security handles situations. These officers have all of the same training and can still work both armed and unarmed.

Patrol Vehicles:

Along with the standard foot patrol, we offer marked security vehicles to patrol your parking lots and large exterior areas such as scrap yards, airfields, and multiple building properties. Having a marked squad will give our officers another tool to provide you with the excellent service that we are known for. The officers are all well trained in tactical driving tactics and will drive in a safe manner no matter the situation.

The marked patrol vehicles are all former police interceptors to provide the best quality vehicle with the tools that will give our officers the upper hand in security situations. Along with being highly visible with the decals on the vehicle, there will also be tactical lighting equipped on the vehicle. Each vehicle will have the standard police spot light for the dark and poorly lit areas while the vehicle moves through its designated patrol. The vehicle will also have high visibility LED light bars that make the vehicle even more visible when activated. These light bars are an excellent tool for responding to situations, providing traffic control, and doing vehicle escort work. The RWSI patrol vehicles are an excellent addition in our officer’s arsenal that not all companies can offer.


When you combine the level of training and the quality of the equipment that our officers bring to the table it is an obvious game changer. Our security patrol officers will give you their all because they have the ability and equipment to do so. So, if this service interests you, and you want to add these exceptional officers to your business or property, contact us. We will set you up with officers that will best meet your needs and provide the highest quality of safety on the market.

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