Do I need security services in Milwaukee, WI?

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Security and Investigations

Written By: Daniel Walton (Armed Security Supervisor)

Security services. Why and What Kind?

Do I need security for my business, my family, or myself? These are questions asked by many and there are several different types of security out there. Security comes in multiple forms from your average uniformed patrol officer to executive protection. You need to pick the type of security that best fits your needs. My goal today is to help you understand the differences and when you need these security measures in place.

What is security?

Why do I need security service in Milwaukee, WI?

First off, let’s explain what security is and how it helps you. Security is a private stop-gap prevention and response to disruptive and/or criminal behavior. You use security to protect your private property, business, or person from undesirable individuals where a police response would take too long to respond to the situation immediately. This means having physical bodies and systems readily available at a moment’s notice.

Uniformed Security:

Do I need uniformed security service in Milwaukee, WI?

The most common type of security would be a uniformed security patrol. These are Security Officers (SO) who will patrol your property on foot, by vehicle, and by manning digital surveillance equipment. These officers will be fully trained and ready to respond to any situation that occurs on your property. A common example would be protection of a commercial business such as a retail store, hospital, or movie theater.

This type security is best for protecting your private property or business. If you have seen an uptick in criminal/disruptive behavior or are located in an area where crime is prevalent you should think about adding a security presence to deter and respond to these incidents. These SOs will respond to every incident differently based on the situations. This type of security system will provide a wide range of services for you and your property/business.

  1. Deter/Observer/Report disruptive and criminal behavior to the proper authorities.
  2. Conduct patrol and checks of your property in a highly visible manner.
  3. Uniformed SOs provide a symbol of authority that can de-escalate a situation and assist those affected by an incident.
  4. Provide a trained force to stop or mitigate a threat, and sometimes detain an individual until police arrive when appropriate.
  5. They will be the perfect eyewitness for any in-house or police investigation by taking notes and gathering evidence when appropriate.
  6. Provide written reports about the facts of any incident for your records.
  7. Provide an additional level of customer service and peace-of-mind for your patrons and employees.

Armed vs. Unarmed:

Do I need armed security service in Milwaukee, WI?

Sometimes your security needs to be armed to properly protect your property. An armed SO will be a trained individual who carries a loaded firearm at all times while performing the duties of their station. Having armed security allows you to provide an addition level of force to stop deadly threats on your property. This firearm is for a worst case scenario type situation. Often this is only needed in the most high risk areas. Places where there is a chance for life-threatening harm occurring on your property.

Unarmed officers can fill in at any other job site where there is not a significant threat of life-threatening harm occurring. Now an unarmed officer just means they are not carrying a firearm. They can still be equipped with non-lethal weapons such as Oleoresin Capsicum Spray (Better known as OC spray), Batons, and Tasers that can be used to defuse a situation and detain a subject. These officers can also be completely unarmed and just be a physical presence to deter, observe, and report disruptive or criminal activity to the police.

In both cases these officers will provide a security presence to your property that can and will do everything necessary to protect your patrons and property.

Executive Protection:

Do I need security service in Milwaukee, WI?

Executive Protection is reserved for those who feel they need their own private security to protect their family and person from threats. Often employed by the wealthy businessmen and popular public figures these special Executive Protection Officers (EPOs) provide a constant security protection for you no matter where you go. The individuals are trained to protect you at all cost. They will respond to any threat and remove you from the threat.

Think of EPOs as your own private Secret Service. They will take you from A to B and back while providing a constant security blanket around you to deter and deal with threats. They will dress in a manner that fits your business and needs so they can blend into your daily activities without being noticed or stand out to be an obvious shield between you and others. The common services provided by EPOs is very different from your regular SO.

  1. EPOs will protect their asset at all times from any threat and provide a direct tactical response of force when needed.
  2. Provide a constant armed guard to protect your valuables, your family, and/or yourself.
  3. Vehicle transportation from point to point, with training to deploy offensive, defensive, motorcade, and escort driving services.
  4. First Aid training to deal with injuries until you reach a proper medical facility.
  5. Conduct threat assessments, site planning, and forward surveillance to set up secure areas.
  6. Ability to call in additional assistance from local law enforcement.
  7. Know the ins and outs of your routine to provide a smooth protective blanket with the least amount of disruption to your routine or itinerary.


Having your own private security contractor onsite allows for an immediate and additional response that police cannot always provide. This type of service gives you and your patrons an enhanced feeling of protection. With many different services you can tailor your security to fit your needs. The best advice is to have a security contractor in place before an incident occurs.

So, if you think you need security than you should look into getting a quality company to provide the correct services that you need. At Reyes World Security and Investigations we will work with you to set up the correct services as needed in the Greater Milwaukee, WI area. Contact us with your concerns and we will provide you with the expert knowledge and services that will meet and exceed your needs.

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